team jacob

I hadn’t read Twilight until very recently, and I just finished the second book today. I’m not really all that impressed with it, and part of it may be due to the fact that I used to live in Vancouver where they filmed all their movies, and I’ve grown a bit immune to the hysteria. Also, I have a lot of opinions about the writing and the storyline. Not the least of these opinions is with regards to the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

After reading the second installment, I’m sure I know now why Taylor Lautner as Jacob is always featured in all the Twilight merchandise, besides his incomprehensible abs. It’s because there’s a whole population of people who are rooting for Team Jacob. As of today, this population includes me.

I get that it’s easy to be infatuated with a “person” with such flawless physique, such “honey smooth” voice, and mind-reading abilities. Add that to the fact that he rescued her from a fishtailing van, or from a gang of potential molesters in the dangerous streets of Port Angeles, or from another one of his own kind who didn’t happen to share his dietary principles. Add that to the mystique, the constant danger, the crooked smile. Who wouldn’t feel faint, knowing such a creature with impossible strengths (and sparkly skin!) exists, and being that creature’s object of desire?

However…Bella was happy with Jacob when he was just Jacob. At the point when all he could do was fix her broken bike, take her to movies and hold her hand by the beach, she was happy around him. He made her feel safe. He never tried to hurt her, or break up with her by leaving her alone on a walking trail. And his eyes don’t even change color. He just made her, plain and simply, happy. Also, his hands are warm and his chest doesn’t feel like a marble statue. I don’t see how marble statues can be comfortable to snuggle with.

And who doesn’t like to snuggle?

Maybe I’m biased. I prefer people with sunny personalities, and it’s not because I’m all happy and half-glass-full. I just know that dark can only exist with the absence of light, cold with the absence of warmth.  Where there is light, it always dispels the dark; where there is warmth, it overpowers the cold. Maybe that’s why instinctively, I root for the character of Jacob; because Bella describes him as her personal sun. Eventually, no matter how long the dark, how deep the cold, the sun always prevails.

Unless your name is Bella, and the night is Edward.

Oh well. To each her own, I guess. One thing’s for sure, if I ever had to pick a fictional creature to fall in love with, it would not be a vampire. I’d prefer a wizard, or a Jedi. Maybe even a werewolf. But not vampires. Vampires are way too complicated. Plus, like I said, I can’t see how marble statues can be comfortable to snuggle with. And I like to snuggle.


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