okay, i’m back.

I am so sorry to everyone who has been checking my blog for updates. I know. I wrote that short story series and then left you all hanging. I’m back!

My writing brain is a bit muddled and sluggish, so this is going to be a bit of a mishmash of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

More fiction from Renee?

I got some really good feedback on my little fiction-writing exercise. Did you all like it? I’ve been harassed enthusiastically encouraged by a few people to write more fiction, so I’m working on it. To be quite honest, I’m really not even sure how I got through the first one. I’m still getting used to the idea of creating story lines in my head. You’ll have to bear with me, my imagination for writing is still under construction. If I end up writing a story that sounds incredibly similar to your life, I apologize in advance.

My husband and I have the same hair (a.k.a. awkward).

My husband is famously growing out his hair. The first thing anyone says when they see us together is “You guys have the same hair!” I love him, so I accept it for what it is. Besides, the more I bug him to cut it, the more likely he is to continue growing it out, just to be a rebel. Actually, he will probably grow it out for another 6 months now that I’m blogging about it. But honestly, we went to Nordstrom’s one day and while I was looking at purses, the sales lady approached him to ask if he wanted to see anything in the mirror. And then she realized he was a dude and awkwardly stopped mid-sentence, and then carried on going because it was already too late to cut herself off. Sigh. You know what, though, my husband is the most caring, hard-working and honest man ever. So the hair is a small price to pay for a happy marriage. But if he doesn’t cut it by the summer…

Questions without answers.

I was at the bank some time ago, and had a brief conversation with the teller. He ended up telling me that his job at the bank was just something he was doing until he found That Job that gets him totally jazzed in the morning. As an aside, I can’t remember now how we ended up talking about his career options. If I charge people for every conversation where they vented and got advice from me, I would probably be rich. Maybe I should’ve been a therapist, as I seem to attract people who have all kinds of existential issues, except I wouldn’t be much help because I am smack in the middle of one myself. Which brings me to my original point: is anyone out there jazzed to go to their jobs in the morning? There must be people out there who have jobs that they are absolutely, irrevocably, resolutely passionate about. You keep seeing articles about it on Monster and Yahoo, so it must be a fact of life. Yet, I have never met anyone who was actually excited to go to work in the morning. For me, I love teaching. I come home everyday from my day job and I’m psyched to teach. But I’m worried that if I’m ever fortunate enough to make that my entire living, I might get sick of it too. Would I?

Anyways. Those are all my recent reflections. Well, actually it’s Lent right now so I’m chock full of reflections, but they’re too long and in-depth to share. Don’t worry, though. I’m getting my writing genius up and stretching from its 3-week nap. It won’t be long until I find another random object of inspiration. 🙂


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