Limitless **Complete Post**

**Apparently there’s been some crazy business where my draft post got uploaded three times earlier today. Sorry about that! Here’s the complete post for the day.**

So last night, my husband and I watched Limitless. The story revolves around the concept of being able to utilize our entire brain as opposed to just being limited to 20% capacity (I thought it was 10%; apparently I am an underachiever).

In addition to the fact that I had strong coffee at a work meeting pretty late in the day, this movie was so mentally and visually stimulating (it stars Bradley Cooper and his electric blue eyes) that it kept me up all night. Actually, I’m still thinking about it right now, randomly, when I should be thinking about work. So I thought I would lean into it and just blog about it.

There’s probably a good physiological reason as to why our brain usage is limited, but let’s just imagine. What if we could use all of our brain’s capacity, all the time?

Obviously, we would be a more intelligent race. There would be less road rage, complaining, and whining. Nobody will ever have to explain the difference between your and you’re. Spell check and Siri would become obsolete.

I also imagine that our conversations would be paced like a Gilmore Girls episode. You know how they all talk really fast, and their sentences are almost running into each other? I feel like if your brain is working 180% faster, you would also communicate faster. Or maybe we would just communicate entirely with facial and body language. Poker faces and mind games would become obsolete, laying waste to casinos and dysfunctional relationships the world over.

We would all have eidetic memories like Sheldon Cooper, minus the references to “social convention” and the fear of birds. Gone is the need for the Facebook birthday calendar, the Post-its, the make-shift notes on sweaty palms.

Also, nobody would leave their houses wearing ratty pajamas tucked into Uggs, or sweatpants with the word PINK printed all across their butt, or basketball shorts with flip flops. I imagine that people who have full use of their brains would not find it overwhelming to put on a pair of proper pants and shoes before making a trip to the drug store.

It’s fascinating to imagine how it would be to live in a society where everyone was performing at 100% capacity, but honestly, I think it might be a bit boring. And maddening. So much of what makes us interesting is our imperfection and inadequacy. We bond over our blunders. We triumph over our weaknesses. Without any of that to get in our way, it’s hard to imagine what we would have to overcome, to learn from, to survive. It’s hard to imagine what would be left of the human experience, without all the messiness, awkwardness and embarrassing moments. There wouldn’t be any material for composing songs, telling stories, and *gasp* writing blogs.

But then again, what do I know? I don’t have a magic spark pill. And now that I think about it, I don’t think I would ever want one. If my brain gets this worked up over a movie while using only 20% of its capacity, I’m a little scared to imagine what it might do if I put the whole thing to work.


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