back to you, it always comes around back to you

“Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny.”

I found this image yesterday on a fellow blogger’s post and it really resonated with me. Looking back at my past, I see myself circling back to the same dream over and over again. For some reason, I’ve always had some reason not to go for it completely in the past; sometimes the reason was lack of focus, sometimes it was fear of failure. But every single year, in spite of my best efforts, I am led back to it as sure as clockwork.

I feel that there is an unseen hand pushing all of us to face ourselves and embrace our greatest dreams. Sometimes we know it all along, sometimes it catches us by surprise. Sometimes our loved ones see it more clearly for us than we do for ourselves – I know that was the case for me. But the longer I ignored it, the more restless I got; and as soon as I listened to it, let it flourish, made it come alive, the more I found peace. I guess for me, this dream captures everything that is important to me and about me. That’s probably why it’s so scary. But that’s also why it has to be done.

Do you have a dream that just keeps coming back to you?


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