believe the incredible

image from Ignatius Press

I saw this image today and was just completely inspired. It appears that at this point in history, it’s a lot easier to focus on the things that bring us down. Catchphrases like “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist” dominate our culture. Hope is considered almost synonymous to denial, and positivity has become a pipe dream.

Who can blame us? Everywhere we look, there’s despair and disaster. Nothing seems sacred or safe anymore. There’s good reason for humankind to be afraid, depressed, distraught and discouraged. To turn your back on reality would be an act of insanity, but I believe that people are capable of facing adversity and still keeping faith. I don’t believe that our ability to remain hopeful is a question of whether it’s possible or even reasonable. I believe it’s a question of what it is or who it is in which we place our hope, and then how much of ourselves we invest in that hope.

Some might look at this image or this post and find themselves unable to relate. That’s alright. Times are really tough, and the reality is that many of us only have enough strength to get through the challenges of life. There is absolutely no shame or weakness in this. But for me, at this time in my own life, I am completely aware of how blessed I have been and how I need to share this abundance with others. I’m ready for something greater than just getting through. I want the impossible, so I’m going for broke and believing the incredible…in my life, in my faith, in my ministry and in myself.


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