When someone asks you how you’re doing, the generic response is usually “Alright” or “Not bad” or some sort of derivation of those terms pointing in the vague direction of mediocrity, setting the tone for a completely unmemorable conversation.

Sometimes, it’s “Could be better” or “Ugh” or some other sort of grunt that hints at a less-than-ideal situation or disposition, which usually leads to commiserating and socially acceptable whining.

But have you ever asked someone how they were, and got a response like “I’m Awesome!”…?

Most of you will probably not even be able to remember when they last heard someone say that about their life or themselves. You probably can’t even remember the last time you said it about your life or yourself. And for a host of reasons, a lot of you will feel like it’s not something you can say or should say when someone asks you how you are.

My question is…why not?

Obviously, we all have problems. Who doesn’t? Who couldn’t use one more zero at the end of their annual salary, or another hour of sleep every morning? Who doesn’t have worries or concerns, pet peeves and allergies?

But I believe that your attitude becomes your life. So if your attitude is rooted in the stuff that sucks, then that’s what your life will become. Sucky.

So for now, when people ask me “How are you?” I say, “I’m Awesome!” Inevitably, they ask why. That’s the best part, because you have to come up with an explanation. And no, you don’t make stuff up. I literally have had to think about why my life is awesome. At first it was tough…but once I got going, I found that there wasn’t so little to be happy about.

Some might say it’s make-believe, but who says that the only way to be honest is to dwell on the stuff that makes you miserable? No matter what you’ve got going on in your life, you’re being blessed. In fact, you’re probably being blessed through the stuff that is difficult and challenging. You have to go through the hardship to witness the miracle. The only difference between one response and the other is what you choose to proclaim.

So next time someone asks how you are, take a second to think about your response. Let it be an opportunity to take stock of your blessings. If you can bring yourself to do it, say it out loud, “I’m Awesome!” or “I’m Blessed!” or “I’m Totally Kicking Life in the Butt Right Now!” See what happens. If it doesn’t change your outlook or even your mood, fine. We can agree to disagree.

But imagine if it did.


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